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Alternate Reality Gaming

Posted By wynter on Jan 10, 2007 at 10:59PM

Does anyone do this? No one will probably know what it is! lol My hubby runs these games part-time, and he just started up a new team. It doesn't make any money, but they're fun for a lot of people to play and for him to put on. They're online puzzle based games, that use real life clues (packages, mail, local newspaper advertisements, phone calls, etc...), online clues, puzzles, and other various methods to "solve" the game.

His latest one, the first with this 'company' was called Ny Takma (or The End deciphered in the language they created).

Here's the main site: http://nakedrabbitstudios.com/

Here's a wrap-up of the latest game:


The main game site was: http://www.746865656e64.com/

Some girls in chat may remember me talking about him getting 2006 Game of the Year and 2006 Best Puzzle of the year - that's the game he won it on. :)

If you enjoy puzzle games, you may want to check them out. Not necessarily his games, but there's a bunch from various people that cater to different tastes - from big names like Microsoft down to little grassroots games (like hubbys). You can usually find one starting up on www.argn.com The big ones like Microsoft even give REALLY big prizes out. Anyway, not too many people know about them, so I thought I'd share. :)