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Is there anything that will get red kool-aid type stains out of carpet?

Posted By wynter on Aug 7, 2007 at 12:01PM

I took the boys to the park today, and it's SO hot that we stopped and got icees on the way home. Brandon just had to have the cherry flavor.

Well, on the way home, we have several 4 way stops. On one of them, I stopped, started going, and a man just barrelled through his without stopping. I'm lucky I saw him with the way the road is. I slammed on my breaks, avoided us hitting, but Brandon's icee went flying out of his hands into my light gray car floorboard. As soon as we got home, I tried cleaning it out, and it's no longer bright red, but the pink is still all over the carpet. :(

Is there anything to get this out? This is really the first stain we have in it, and of course, it would be a major one. :sigh:

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